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Poilicy for Submitting Request for Information:

In order to insure that all requestors are treated uniformly, the following guidelines have been established.

  1. Request for information must be submitted in writing, or on the form provided by this office. The requestor's name, mailing address and phone number, where requestor can be contacted during our office hours.
  2. Request must follow the guidelines set forth in The Public Information Act. A copy of the Attorney General Guidelines is posted on the bulletin board in our front lobby.
  3. Requests shall be submitted to the City Secretary/Public Information Officer.

Request for information may be received either by mail, fax, e-mail, or in person.

Public Information Request Form

Please Send Request to:

102 East Main Street
PO Box 457
Pilot Point, TX 76258
phone(940) 686-2165
fax(940) 686-4338

For more detailed information about the Public Information Act or Open Records, visit the State of Texas Attorney General's website.

Miscellaneous Forms Available On-Line

Click here for information on obtaining permits.
Click here for utility services information and an application.