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Court ClerkKathy Charles
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Most Commonly Asked Questions

Q. What methods of payment are accepted for tickets and fines?

A. We accept Personal Checks, Cashier's Checks , Money Orders and Credit Cards (additional fee) for payments. You can pay using your credit card at the Court, over the phone or online. If you choose to pay by CREDIT CARD, there is an ADDITIONAL 4% FEE. If you choose to pay by credit card, you must pay the fine IN FULL or appear in person at the court window. You will need to obtain your 9 digit case number by calling the court at 940-686-4707 prior to making your payment over the phone or online. If you cannot pay your fine in full, you must appear in person. IF YOU HAVE A WARRANT - CONTACT THE MUNICIPAL COURT BEFORE MAKING A CREDIT CARD PAYMENT.

Important Notice Regarding Court Payments

To pay by phone or online you will need the following information:
1. Bureau Number 6214398
2. Your Case Number and amount due (call the court if necessary).

Go to , enter the bureau code and follow the steps to pay online.
Call 1(866)549-1010 to pay by phone.

All Credit Card payments have an ADDITIONAL 4% Fee

Q. How do I plead no contest or not guilty? Or obtain a court date.

A. If you desire to enter a plea of no contest or guilty, and pay the fine on your citation, include your Personal Check, Cashier's Check or Money Order for the Fine Amount, and return it in person or by U. S. Mail, Federal Express or UPS with a letter stating your plea preference. This must be done on or before the appearance date on your citation. Contact the Municipal Court Clerk's Office at 940-686-4707 for the correct fine amount. Send your plea and payment to Municipal Court Clerk, 102 E. Main, Pilot Point, Texas 76258.

If the plea and fine amount are not received on or before the appearance date, your fine may increase for failure to appear. If your citation has gone into a warrant, there may be additional fees.

If you wish to enter a plea of not guilty, you must request a court date to speak with the Judge. At that time the Judge will explain trial option and assign your trial date. You may send a written request including your mailing address. You will be notified by the Court of your Court date.

All requests for a court date must be made in writing on or before the due date on your citation.

Q. Can I make payment arrangements?

A. Payment arrangements MUST BE MADE AT THE COURT WINDOW. The clerk will explain your arrangements at that time. Please call in advance to request your first payment amount so that you are prepared when you arrive.

Q. Can I take a driver safety course?

(Contact the Court for qualifications)

A. If you have a commercial driver's license, you cannot take a driver safety course for dismissal of your citation. If you have been charged with a moving traffic violation and were not charged with Speeding 25 or more miles over the posted speed limit, you may be able to request to take a Driver Safety Course for dismissal of your citation.

However, you will lose that right if you do not appear in person, or provide written notice to the Court on or before your appearance date (the date in the lower section of your citation) of your desire to do so. If your appearance date passes without any appearance by you, whether in person or in writing, the fine amount on your citation may increase for failure to apprear.

If you were charged with any of the following offenses, you DO NOT qualify for dismissal of your citation by way of a Driver Safety Course.

Sec. 545.066 Passing a school bus Sec. 545.421 Fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer Sec. 550.022 Accident involving damage to vehicle Sec. 550.023 Duty to give information and render aid To qualify for a Driver Safety Course, you must present to the Court an oral request at the window to take the Driver Safety Course; or send by mail, on or before the appearance date on the lower left corner of the citation, a written request to take the Driver Safety Course.

You will need to pay at the time of your request by Personal Check, Cashier's Check or Money Order. We accept cash if paying in person. DO NOT TAKE THE DRIVER SAFETY COURSE UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED PERMISSION FROM THE COURT.

When making your request in person or in writing, you will need to:

  1. Enter a plea of either no contest or guilty; waive your right to a jury trial.
  2. You must provide a copy of your Driver's License. You must have a valid Texas Driver's License. (Commercial License does not qualify).
  3. You must provide proof of financial responsibility (insurance), and it must list you as a driver and be in effect at the time you make your request.
  4. Pay the required state costs.

Q. What is deferred deposition?

(Contact the Court for qualifications)

A. Deferred Disposition Policy Requirements for Deferred Disposition in Municipal Court: Commercial Drivers License holders do not qualify for Deferred Disposition.

A defendant is allowed to be on Deferred Disposition once a year in this Court. The Defendant must enter a plea of no contest or guilty and make a written request to the Court for Deferred Disposition. The request for Deferred Disposition must be made by the due date on the citation. If the Request for Deferred Disposition is made by mail, it must be in the court on or before the due date on the ticket. The amount of the fine and the Court costs must be paid at the time of your request. Contact the Court to find out deferred costs and fees amount. When a request is made to the Court in a timely manner and all requirements are met, the Defendant will be granted Deferred Disposition.